January 27, 2015


Dylan and Marcus are BACK!

Yawgoons 13.......need I say more. Sit back and enjoy.

YAWGOONS 13 from Dr.B on Vimeo.

January 22, 2015


New Rockies Sales Rep

Stoked to announce that as of today, Ryan "Twigs" Terwilliger will now be our Rockies BeaverWax sales rep. "We are excited to be working with someone that understand our brand and sees its potential for growth in the United States and specifically Utah and Colorado. We have had some amazing growth over the past year in the Salt Lake City area and with Twigs connections, we should be able to see that growth in many of other great cities." Matt Turner - Owner
January 15, 2015


BeaverWax SBC Collaboration

Here is our Snowboard Canada Maple Wax we did.
January 03, 2015


It's Official!

After years and years of secretly using BeaverWax, Chris Rasman has officially become the newest BeaverWax Advocate of 2015. And if you haven't seen his Man Boys Full Part yet......well, grab a drink and enjoy what could be Video Part of the Year.

Manboy Chris Rasman Full Part from TheManBoys on Vimeo.

December 25, 2014


BeaverWax Famous Boxing Day Sale

Save 20% off everything Dec 26 ONLY! Use Promo Code: boxingday20

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Safe Shredding!

December 06, 2014


New Hockey Waxes

BeaverWax has launched its line of scented Hockey Wax! Not only does it repel snow & ice, it improves your game and makes your stick smell great. Available online soon! For more information, click HERE

November 18, 2014


Brandon Hammid in Dubai

Check out Bradon Hammid and the Arbor team as they head to Dubai to visit the new Arbor factory and shred the indoors.


Arbor Snowboards :: The Postcard Series - Dubai from Arbor Collective on Vimeo.

November 10, 2014


Happy 1 Year Anniversary to NBP Agency in Quebec

Over the past 3 years, BeaverWax has struggled in the province of Quebec. How was this possible when Quebec is one of the top ski/snowboard provinces in Canada. It was very tough to find proper representation and believing in the people representing BeaverWax. Well, it looks like it was worth the wait! BeaverWax is stoked to have found Gab and Fred from NBP Agency and over the short 1.5 months we have been working together it has been more than we could have asked for. They are celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary of being an agency and we look forward to celebrating many more with them!

Check out the NBP Agency Snowboard Program Video 1 Year Anniversary video HERE

November 06, 2014


October 30, 2014


Hightide Mfg

Our friends over at Hightide Mfg have launched their website! Go have a look and learn about the industries newest best kept secret! Every board comes hot waxed by BeaverWax!