Help Keep Our Mountains Clean


Ski Resorts around North America have been looking at ways to lower their carbon footprint along with finding ways to use renewable energy. In this day and age, every business strives to be as environmentally conscious as possible and this should be even more important to Ski Hills and Resorts who rely on Mother Nature and the environment.


BeaverWax has come up with a very affordable way to help ski hills and resorts do their part in preserving our mountains.
-750g Bulk Bar Wax, perfect for keeping those rental skis and snowboards maintained and ready.
-Our bulk bars contain only environmentally friendly additives, which have all been FDA approved.
-BeaverWax never uses PFCs (Perfluorocarbons) ie. silicons, graphites, teflon etc.
-Our standard bulk bars come in All Temperature Wax. We also have Warm and Cold Temperature Waxes available.
-All materials are Made in North America and all waxes are hand poured in Squamish, BC.
-We offer competitive prices to meet your needs.
-Think Globally, Act Locally.